In 1980, HAS Elevator started supplying elevator industry by producing rubber and plastic components in a small workplace.

In 1987, After making the design and production of spring buffers, HAS Elevator became one of the leading companies on the subject of spring buffers, rubber, and plastic components. After that, HASPAR Marketing and Commerce Co. was established with the purpose of selling complete lifts in 1992.

In 1994, HAS Elevator started to produce cabin and cabin frames, gained reputation in the elevator industry by increasing its production capacity and quality. Starting in 1997, HAS Elevator proudly announced its first plant which has 5200 m2 closed, and 7200 m2 total workplaces.

In 2000, after establishment of the international trade department, HAS Elevator has achieved success by exporting its products to 63 countries around the world. The company was approved by SGS with ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Quality is the essential part of our company and fully embedded within organizations, and it is not seen as an obligation. We are dedicated to keep going the quality improvements through our organization.

In 2004, HAS Elevator strengthened its presence by increasing technology-driven manufacturing investments which are CNC laser bench, CNC punch press, robotic metal scissors, robotic electrostatics painting line, CNC bending machine and scissors. In addition to these investments, the company expanded its investment and production capacity by establishing Prima Power PSBB compact line processor in 2015. We are eager to grow our organization by focusing and understanding human esteem, priority of education, and perfection in every single work.

In 2008, with that sense of responsibility Has Elevator vocational high school was established to fulfil needs of a qualified workforce in the elevator industry. Proudly having first graduates showed us how this social responsibility is so important to contribution of the country.

In 2011, Depending on continuous growth, the company has started to construction of second plant which has an elevator test tower with two elevators and 36 meters distance, to extend total workplace to 17000 m2.

Starting in 2015, HAS Elevator keeps going its investments and production with its 130 technical expert staff, international sales representatives, and serves clients in 63 different countries with monthly capacity of 6,000 pcs Semi-Automatic Doors, 2,500 pcs Automatic Doors, 180 pcs Cabins and Cabin Frames, 200 pcs Controllers, and 15 pcs hydraulic systems.

2015 yılına gelindeğinde, Has Asansör 17000 m2 de üretim yapan, 130 kişilik teknik uzman kadrosu, yurtdışıtemsilciliği ve 63 ülkeye ihracaat kapasitesiyle ayda 6000 adet yarı otomatik kapı, 2500 adet tam otomatik kapı, 180 adet asansör kabini ve süspansiyonu, 200 adet kumanda panosu ve 15 adet hidrolik konsol ünitesi üretim kapasitesiyle müşterilerine hizmet vermeye devam etmektedir.

HAS Elevator offers complete lift solutions with;
Powerful R&D team.
Specific designs and products.
Wide Product range and warranty.
After sales service and customer satisfaction.

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